Scotland: Best Places & Outdoor Activities to Do

If your looking for a thrill seeking vacation to the United Kingdom, by now it’s no mystery why we believe Scotland is the best place to travel, explore, and adventure. Then again, were pretty bias.

beautiful scotland

Scotland is a great country, with lots of beautiful places to see & visit; with many interesting things to do along the way. We already know that Scottish people are extremely friendly, but just what are the best places to visit in Scotland? To help you answer that, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most exciting cities, sites, and locations in Scotland. In no order and fashion, here they are:

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The History of Scotland

Scotland is a country located in the northern part of the island of Great Britain, occupying a third of it. It’s a part of the United Kingdom, sharing a single border with England in the south. From all other directions, it’s surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, North Channel and Irish Sea. More than 790 islands are a part of the great country of Scotland.

Scottish ocean views

The history of Scotland began some 10,000 years ago, when the last glacial period ended. The recorded history of Scotland began when the Roman Empire arrived on the island back in the 1st century. Back then, Celtic groups called Picts inhabited the land we know as Scotland today, living in lots of small, separated kingdoms. When the Romans arrived, they encountered constant risings from the Picts, so they decided to build a wall, known as Hadrian’s Wall to the south, and Antonine Wall to the north. The wall attempted to seal off and separate Roman soil with the Picts, but it did neither. Eventually, the latter wall got abandoned and the former one overrun, especially during the Great Conspiracy of the 360s. When the Romans withdrew from British soil, Gaelic riders also known as Scoti started colonizing Western Scotland and Wales.

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Best places to visit in Scotland

If you were to ever visit Scotland, you would find that there are hundreds of places that you could visit. Sports events, art and music festivals, galleries, monuments and castles etc. If your up for a challenge, Scotland has some great areas for scuba diving. Like I said, only if your up for a serious challenge-the water is very cold; you have to be prepared.

scotland castle perfect

To make the process of selecting the places that you should visit in Scotland, we have come up with a list of places that you should visit the next time that you think of taking a holiday trip to Scotland. These places are very easy to visit and you are guaranteed to have a great time.

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