An Introduction to Scotland

Hello world! I’m a full time world traveler by day, and a blogger by night. You can say I’m obsessed with everything culturally interesting. I’ve been to many countries, all over the world. I’ve traveled to every continent on earth except Antarctica and the arctic circle. ┬áThose two places would be too cold for me.

scotland beauty one

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to see many European countries in my time. I’d like to dedicate this blog to Scotland, above other countries. Scotland has a special spot in my heart. There’s something special about the air, people, culture, and vibe while being in Scotland. I spent a whole month living in Scotland, so I’ve seen a lot of the land. Nothing beats the country in my opinion.

In this blog, we’ll be talking about many different great aspects about Scotland that make it truly a unique country. Some things you may already know, while many other components you will be learning about for the first time. You may be surprised to hear some things about Scotland, but nothing too extreme-there’s a lot to talk about. If your not from Europe, it’s okay neither am I. I’ve spent plenty of time in Europe to be confident to be discussing the many different aspects of Scotland that make it so memorable.

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Scotland is apart of the United Kingdom. From London you can drive to Scotland- the land is the same. Scotland is simply north of England; a half a day driving trip. I highly recommend driving from London to Glasgow if you ever get the chance. The countryside of the United Kingdom is a unique landscape, like nothing else. So much rich history, origins, and famous events have happened in history in the United Kingdom.

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The best thing to do when visiting the United Kingdom is to see and visit all the other countries first before travelling to Scotland. Scotland should be the last country visited on the trip. The reason for visiting Scotland last is because I believe it’s a great last stop due to the quietness and serenity of the land. It’s a great way to leave the United Kingdom.

scotland castle beauty

If you like tons of medieval style castles and churches- you will love Scotland. All the homes are very old with exquisite design; it’s refreshing to be around. Green is everywhere you look, the trees, grass, and trees are so beautiful- I miss it just thinking about it. If there’s tons of green everywhere you look, than that’s a huge indicator of tons of rain frequently. If you eventually head to Scotland, pack your rain coat.

I hope you enjoy this blog, we will be talking about nothing else but Scotland. Topics may vary but, the history, culture, weather, sports, Scottish food, etc. are just a couple points we will try to hit on. Feel free to chime in.


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