Scotland: Best Places & Outdoor Activities to Do

If your looking for a thrill seeking vacation to the United Kingdom, by now it’s no mystery why we believe Scotland is the best place to travel, explore, and adventure. Then again, were pretty bias.

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Scotland is a great country, with lots of beautiful places to see & visit; with many interesting things to do along the way. We already know that Scottish people are extremely friendly, but just what are the best places to visit in Scotland? To help you answer that, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most exciting cities, sites, and locations in Scotland. In no order and fashion, here they are:


Scotland’s capital is a great place to start. It’s got everything from the Edinburgh castle to the beautiful Old Quarter. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a great stop as well. It’s the biggest festival in the world and arguably, the best by many people’s standards.

edinburgh scotland castle


Back in the day, it was the industrial powerhouse of the north and the workshop of England. Now, it’s home to lots of shops and restaurants, providing lots of places to eat and have fun in. It’s got a great student vibe and great music scene. The only way to really experience the feeling of the city is to actually go there. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

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This beautiful town isn’t just full of great sceneries. It’s also crucial to Scottish history. It’s where Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace fought the British for independence. Have you ever seen the movie “Brave Heart”? Exactly, that’s the one.

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Scotland is full of festivals, but the best one must be Hogmany, or Scottish New Year. Edinburgh provides a real party at this time of the year, but other, smaller villages are just as exciting. Stonehaven hosts an awesome firework ceremony.

edinburgh fireworks


There’s nothing which screams Scotland like whiskey does. If you have time and don’t mind drinking some of the finest whiskey on the planet, go and visit one of Scotland’s hundred Whiskey distilleries. The Scott Whiskey Experience in Edinburgh offers the same thing if you don’t want to visit a distillery.

scotland scotch


The Loch Ness Monster may not exist, but there are the Highlands to provide a worthy substitute. This is where the true Scotland lies. From small fishing villages to towns in the interior, you can find it all here.

scotland highlands mountains

The Great Outdoors:

Despite the rain, Scotland is a great place to get outside. From the gorgeous scenery that the flat, open woods provide, to the incredible Ben Nevis peak at over 4,000 feet, you can visit it all and enjoy the fresh air at the same time.


If you have the time, we really, really recommend you get to some of the Islands. The Shetlands and the Hebrides provide some of the most breathtaking sceneries anywhere on this planet, with tons of true, authentic lifestyles that you will not find in the big cities.

shetlands scotland



You’d be surprised to learn that Scotland is a great place to go surf. It’s surrounded by water from all sides apart from the south, so you can definitely find a spot to do it. The water provides big waves, but here’s a quick disclaimer: it’s freezing cold. You may have to have a wet suit, or purchase one there. Be careful.

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For many years, Scotland has been known to house great soccer teams; like Celtic FC. If your a fan of the game, and want to be a spectator-enjoying a Celtic FC game is only a ticket away. Along with being a fan; there are many schools, local parks, and soccer courts that host daily amateur games for anyone to play. Many call them “pick up” games.



If you visit Scotland without playing golf, or at least visiting the world famous St. Andrews course there is something seriously wrong with you. Scotland is the home of golf. With so much rich history about the origins of the sport-you’d be a fool to not check everything out. If your lucky, and time it perfectly you might be able to see an open championship with some of the best professional golfers in the world today playing right in front of you. Timing is everything though.

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