Best places to visit in Scotland

If you were to ever visit Scotland, you would find that there are hundreds of places that you could visit. Sports events, art and music festivals, galleries, monuments and castles etc. If your up for a challenge, Scotland has some great areas for scuba diving. Like I said, only if your up for a serious challenge-the water is very cold; you have to be prepared.

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To make the process of selecting the places that you should visit in Scotland, we have come up with a list of places that you should visit the next time that you think of taking a holiday trip to Scotland. These places are very easy to visit and you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Let’s get on with it:

Urquhart Castle

This would be on top of my list for sure. This place is famous for the loch ness monster legend, where apparently, there is this creature called the loch ness monster that has been seen around in the lakes near Urquhart Castle.

urquhart castle scotland

Not only is this place beautiful to visit, but because there are pristine lakes, beautiful mountains and picturesque villages nearby, you are guaranteed to enjoy your time at this special place.

The Kelpies

If you want to see a sculpture of two mythical horses, then this sculpture near the Forth and Clyne canal is the best place to see this sculpture.

scotland kelpies

The steel features which light up the sky at night are a fantastic attraction and you should visit this place if you are interested in seeing unusual structures.

Edinburgh Castle

This must be one of the top tourist attractions to visit in the capital of Scotland. What you will discover there is un-paralled with any other castle to visit in the world.

edinburgh castle

This place also happens to be the place where the crown jewels of the British monarchy are stored in. The stone of destiny can also be found there for your viewing pleasure.


If you are prepared to go sightseeing in Scotland, then you should visit St. Kilda.

This place is colloquially known as the islands on the edge of the world. The reason for that is that this is the most remote place in the isles of Britain.

st kilda scotland

You can find all sorts of birds, plants, and animals that have been preserved in this unique place in Scotland.

Cairngorms National Park

One of the things about Scotland is that it is a place that is full of sightseeing attractions.

The place to see some great natural attractions must be Cairngorms National Park. This is home to five of the six biggest mountains in Scotland. So, you can go on one of those hiking expeditions with some of your friends and enjoy the sights as you exercise.

cairgorms national park scotland

Not only that, the wildlife is amazing in this unique national park.

So, there you have it. Five places that you can see during your time in Scotland. These places have some kind of beauty behind them and all of them are guaranteed to mesmerize you as you see some of the best places that Scotland has to offer.

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