Three Reasons to Choose Scotland

Have you ever thought about going to Scotland, but you have no idea about why you should visit? I bet many people have thought about that as well.

scotland coast

In this article, we are going to provide you with five reasons why you should visit Scotland soon. We’ll show you that Scotland is not as boring as you think it is and you will also learn a whole lot about what Scotland must offer as a country.

  1. Scotland has a lot of history

If you were ever to go visit Edinburgh, you must visit their castles. These castles have been left from the days when Scotland used to have its very own monarchy.

scotland urquhart castle

One of the castles where you can visit should be Urquhart Castle. This is where the legend of the Loch Ness monster is based. The castle is situated across great scenery with beautiful mountains and brilliant villages.

  1. The sporting traditions in this country are immense

When you visit Scotland, one of the things that will attract you are the sporting events that are available in that country.

The main attraction of course is a soccer game between Celtic F.C and Rangers F.C. These two clubs are the best in Scotland and their rivalry is fierce.

scotland celtic fc

These two matches are a great attraction to go towards and have a great time. Have a beer with some friends and enjoy the action as Celtic and Rangers fight each other for bragging rights.

Another event that you should go to is the Highland games. See various contests that will wow you beyond belief.

If you are a golf fan as well, you might as well visit one of Scotland’s famous golf courses – especially St. Andrew’s golf course. That is where you can play some of your best golf in some pristine landscape. The Open Championship is occasionally held there so there is someplace to go visit in the Scottish summers.

Overall, Scotland’s vast and rich sporting culture should give you enough of a reason to go to Scotland.

  1. Food

No list can be complete without food being on the list. Scotland is famous for its Scottish whiskey and haggis.

You can get the best out of Scottish food culture by going over to Scotland and trying out their famous whiskeys and haggis in their pubs or restaurants. You are guaranteed to get the best out of Scottish cuisine from these two foods.

Or you could go to some of Scotland’s famous wineries and distilleries and taste their famous whiskies and wines. You are guaranteed to gain rich knowledge of Scottish whiskeys and also get the chance to taste the best whiskeys available.

scottish drink

Overall, Scotland is a great place that is rich in culture and history. We have just given you three extra reasons why you should visit Scotland the next time you want to go and visit another country. We guarantee that you will have the best time of your life in Scotland.

What are you waiting for? Of course, there are many other European countries that are just as good as Scotland, but what other country is as good to start a trip on? There isn’t. Don’t forget to pack warm clothes if you decide to vacation in Scotland, the weather may be a little chilly.

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