Scott Divorces The Wife

The three year old marriage of my dear friend Scott was on the verge of failure when I decided to take him to a marriage counselor; but regrettably, that attempt proved unproductive. Consequently, I decided to have a meeting with Scott to read his mind because I had been a fervent collaborator in his marriage with Emma. So one day I invited Scott to a coffee shop near my place and facilitated him to open his heart.

As stated by Scott, ‘As far as my understanding goes, the solitary thing that individuals desire most from marriage is a superlative companion with whom he can communicate regarding his successes, misfortunes, pleasures, and distress’. “Would you believe me; the need for a friend is much more than that of sex, refuge, or kids. Males and females are essentially not that much dissimilar in what they anticipate out of a wedding. Both have specific needs they would like to see satisfied and will be sorrowful and unhappy if that is not the case.”

I instantaneously interrupted Scott, “but my dear Scott, as far as I can judge, you and Emma have been keeping a good affiliation; isn’t that so?”

“Well, it was I who always sacrificed my pleasures to be with her in the hours of sorrow and grief; for instance, when Emma’s dear cat expired, I took a leave from my job and arranged a grand burial service for it, so as to make Emma happy. Last year, Emma’s dad had to be hospitalized owing to chronic bronchitis; it was I who made all the arrangements and went from pillar to post to do the needful.” Scott added.

“However, a few days back my mom wanted to be with us to celebrate her sixtieth birthday and I asked Emma to prepare a cake for her but instead of listening to me she went to party with her friends to Miami Beach so that I had to cut a sorry figure in front of my mom.”

“Want to listen to some more examples of her unconcerned behavior?’  Scott asked.

“No my dear friend, the incidents narrated by you are more than enough” I replied with a tone of displeasure.

I said to myself, “poor communication, lack of conversations, and lack of intimacy can ruin your marriage.”

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