Scott Divorces The Wife

The three year old marriage of my dear friend Scott was on the verge of failure when I decided to take him to a marriage counselor; but regrettably, that attempt proved unproductive. Consequently, I decided to have a meeting with Scott to read his mind because I had been a fervent collaborator in his marriage with Emma. So one day I invited Scott to a coffee shop near my place and facilitated him to open his heart.

As stated by Scott, ‘As far as my understanding goes, the solitary thing that individuals desire most from marriage is a superlative companion with whom he can communicate regarding his successes, misfortunes, pleasures, and distress’. “Would you believe me; the need for a friend is much more than that of sex, refuge, or kids. Males and females are essentially not that much dissimilar in what they anticipate out of a wedding. Both have specific needs they would like to see satisfied and will be sorrowful and unhappy if that is not the case.”

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Scotland: Best Places & Outdoor Activities to Do

If your looking for a thrill seeking vacation to the United Kingdom, by now it’s no mystery why we believe Scotland is the best place to travel, explore, and adventure. Then again, were pretty bias.

beautiful scotland

Scotland is a great country, with lots of beautiful places to see & visit; with many interesting things to do along the way. We already know that Scottish people are extremely friendly, but just what are the best places to visit in Scotland? To help you answer that, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most exciting cities, sites, and locations in Scotland. In no order and fashion, here they are:

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The History of Scotland

Scotland is a country located in the northern part of the island of Great Britain, occupying a third of it. It’s a part of the United Kingdom, sharing a single border with England in the south. From all other directions, it’s surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, North Channel and Irish Sea. More than 790 islands are a part of the great country of Scotland.

Scottish ocean views

The history of Scotland began some 10,000 years ago, when the last glacial period ended. The recorded history of Scotland began when the Roman Empire arrived on the island back in the 1st century. Back then, Celtic groups called Picts inhabited the land we know as Scotland today, living in lots of small, separated kingdoms. When the Romans arrived, they encountered constant risings from the Picts, so they decided to build a wall, known as Hadrian’s Wall to the south, and Antonine Wall to the north. The wall attempted to seal off and separate Roman soil with the Picts, but it did neither. Eventually, the latter wall got abandoned and the former one overrun, especially during the Great Conspiracy of the 360s. When the Romans withdrew from British soil, Gaelic riders also known as Scoti started colonizing Western Scotland and Wales.

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Best places to visit in Scotland

If you were to ever visit Scotland, you would find that there are hundreds of places that you could visit. Sports events, art and music festivals, galleries, monuments and castles etc. If your up for a challenge, Scotland has some great areas for scuba diving. Like I said, only if your up for a serious challenge-the water is very cold; you have to be prepared.

scotland castle perfect

To make the process of selecting the places that you should visit in Scotland, we have come up with a list of places that you should visit the next time that you think of taking a holiday trip to Scotland. These places are very easy to visit and you are guaranteed to have a great time.

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Three Reasons to Choose Scotland

Have you ever thought about going to Scotland, but you have no idea about why you should visit? I bet many people have thought about that as well.

scotland coast

In this article, we are going to provide you with five reasons why you should visit Scotland soon. We’ll show you that Scotland is not as boring as you think it is and you will also learn a whole lot about what Scotland must offer as a country.

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Golf: The Scottish Tradition

Placed in the northern division of the United Kingdom, Scotland or Caledonia is a kingdom of a prosperous and very old history, markedly gorgeous scenery and fulfilled strong folks. This realm has the maximum percentage of red heads across the globe. No joke. With the old traditional style buildings with brick and stone- it makes for quite an eye candy view. In today’s time, it would take a special masonry contractor to recreate the masterpieces that were made in the past.

scotland downtown

There are numerous explanations why you should book a trip to this marvelous country. From the customary Scottish meal haggis to the famous Loch Ness monster, there is loads of astounding stuff exclusive only to Scotland. The latter constitutes the northern division of the isle of Great Britain. The terrain of cakes, Scotland is well-known for its oatmeal items of soft sweet foods. Besides cakes, its Golf lodgings are recognized for their brilliance, prosperities and grandeur. They propose the discerning pictographic landscapes stuffed with courtships. And certainly Scotland endows you with some of the premium hotels for golf lodging. There are hotels in each area of Scotland.

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Art of Scotland

Scotland is much known for its music (characterised by the accompaniment of the famous and eye-catching bagpipes), tartan skirts made for the men and the thistle found in the national emblem representing a high chivalric order of the country Scotland.

scotland bag pipe

However, Scottish citizens have an impeccable and wonderful taste of art that persists, and continues to grow more intriguingly by the day, almost since time immemorial. In a nutshell, arts and culture in Scotland is certainly never yawn-inducing right from its most basic to its uttermost complexities in this aspect. Its uniqueness and breath-taking art and architecture is up to the mark. Without further ado, we shall now dive into the history of Scottish art.

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Why book a trip to Scotland?

Before anyone decides to book a vacation trip anywhere, it’s important to ask why that particular country? When I set out to travel the world, I had to continue to find reasons to visit Scotland. Scotland truly is a beauty, there is so much history, tourist attractions, scenic fascinations, and coastal gems to see. After travelling to Scotland, I’d ask my old self: why would you not travel to Scotland?

scotland beautiful

If you are seeking the finest approach to witness Scotland, you are required to ensure that you are doing a tour of this realm with a bona fide Scot. There’s no other way. That inevitably indicates that discovering somebody who was brought forth and nurtured in Scotland will really amplify the eminence of your Scotland excursions.

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Scottish Cuisine

Who doesn’t love food? Food is the common language spoken around the world. There are many different tastes to the tongue that attract, but in Scotland most people know the line up. Although sea food is one of the biggest foods exported worldwide from Scotland, other breakfast pastry style dishes are very popular among-st the locals and tourists alike.

scotland by the sea

Scotland is well endowed with food owing to the abundant mountain waters, fertile soil, clear coastal waters, lush and temperate climate. These conditions have made it possible to grow oat, barley, rear sheep, and cattle. Scotland is famously known for its beef breed, Aberdeen Angus; and it contributes to 30% of Europe’s breeding cattle. In addition to the beef production, most people don’t know that permaculture farming is a big deal in Scotland. Many citizens are continuing to look for more advanced ways to be sustainable with food.

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An Introduction to Scotland

Hello world! I’m a full time world traveler by day, and a blogger by night. You can say I’m obsessed with everything culturally interesting. I’ve been to many countries, all over the world. I’ve traveled to every continent on earth except Antarctica and the arctic circle.  Those two places would be too cold for me.

scotland beauty one

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to see many European countries in my time. I’d like to dedicate this blog to Scotland, above other countries. Scotland has a special spot in my heart. There’s something special about the air, people, culture, and vibe while being in Scotland. I spent a whole month living in Scotland, so I’ve seen a lot of the land. Nothing beats the country in my opinion.

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